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Jeremy has been working in the graphics industry since 1985. He has  an extensive background creating for print, as well as for video and the  www.


Starting out as a mechanical artist (remember blades & wax?), he accumulated a range of skills from type-setting, illustration, design, photography, to animation, all before the advent of the personal computer.  He was then the first guy on his block to own a Mac, and quickly established himself as an early adopter of the desk-top publishing revolution.


He worked both in-house and freelance as a studio artist in major agencies in NYC, Montreal, and San Francisco.


For the past 15 years he has  been the sole proprietor of BIOVISIONING, a full service animation studio specializing in mechanism-of-action (MOA) visualizations for the pharma and medical device industries.


His current hobbies include designing and building original musical intruments and furniture. He also teaches various movement and dance modalities, including; Contact Improvisation, Soul Motion, and modern dance. He gets his dance on as often as he can at various Ectsatic dance events around the Bay Area.


Jeremy is also a full time single dad to his amazing 13 year old son.


He is currently available to take on projects large or small, for print or web. Please keep him in mind next time you are needing a top notch graphics professional.

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